Seckford Care launches new look at Woodbridge event for community groups

Seckford Care launches new look at Woodbridge event for community groups

The new brand was launched at Woodbridge On Show II on Saturday 6 April, with local community groups and residents introduced to the brand by Head of Care Sarah Kopferschmitt. The stand featured artefacts from the Seckford Care archives reflecting the deep history of the organisation including pharmacy records from 1862.

Seckford Care encompasses the delivery of care, support and/or accommodation to older people, whether this is independent living within the Seckford Almshouses, Residential Care in Jubilee House, Extra Sheltered Care at The Terrace, as well as the Seckford Day Club and services we deliver to members of the wider community.

Head of Care Sarah Kopferschmitt said: “It was a pleasure to launch Seckford Care at Woodbridge On Show II and share our wonderful work with the community organisations of Woodbridge.”

The new logo imagery is taken from the Seckford Coat of Arms with each meaning taken into consideration. The black dot salt & pepper pots are called ‘ermines’ and associated with royalty and nobility, however the other key message for Seckford Care,  is that they also symbolise dignity – which is a hugely important value, promoted by the service.

The shells are called ‘escallops’ and these are associated with travel and pilgrimages. These featured on Thomas Seckford’s original coat of arms. Woodbridge town has incorporated them in recognition of his origins and support of the town.

The Tudor Rose implies the historic roots of the organisation and highlights the length of the tradition at Seckford Care, which harks back to the original almshouses that Thomas Seckford provided back in 1587.