Charges effective from 1st April 2022.

Jubilee House – weekly residential home costs

Fully-furnished, comfortable rooms, with all-in costs, including meals, laundry, social activities and 24-hour care.

Our room rates vary, depending on the size and outlook of the room and whether or not there is an en-suite shower. There is a separate charge for your own telephone line.

Privately-funded residentsBetween £916.62 and £1,046.08 per week
Publicly-funded residentsCurrent Suffolk County Council rates

Extra Care Housing – weekly accommodation costs

Single apartmentFrom £212.02 per week, including utilities
Double apartmentFrom £239.73 per week, including utilities

Extra Care Housing – care costs

Personal care charge£24.00 per hour
Wellbeing charge£134.31 per week*

*Covers 24/7 call bell response, including the management and administration costs of delivering care services, as well as the provision of a social activity programme. Meals-on-Wheels are available seven days a week, at a cost of £6.20 per two-course meal.

For those who need to pay Council Tax, the apartments are Band A.

The Seckford Club

£38.00 per session, including lunch. You can book for part of a day and take advantage of additional services, such as baths, at a reasonable cost. 

Council Care-Needs Assessments Help With Care Costs 

Help With Rent