Jubilee House – weekly residential home costs

Fully furnished, comfortable rooms with all-in costs including meals, laundry, social activities and 24 hour care. Our room rates vary, depending on the size and outlook of the room and whether or not there is an en-suite shower. There is a separate charge for your own phone line.

Privately funded residentsBetween £848.77 and £968.54 per week
Publicly funded residentsCurrent Suffolk County Council rates

Extra Care Housing – weekly accommodation costs

Single flat£167.99 rent plus £28.72 per week for utilities
Double flat£185.76 rent plus £37.51 per week for utilities

Extra Care Housing – care costs

Personal care charge£22.26 per hour
Well being charge£122.08 per week, per flat*

* Covers 24/7 call bell response, includes the management and administration costs of delivering care services as well as the provision of a social activity programme. Meals-on-Wheels are available 7 days a week at a cost of £5.90 per two course meal.

For those who need to pay council tax, the flats are band A.

The Seckford Club

£35.70 per day, including lunch. You can book for part of a day and take advantage of additional services (such as baths) at a reasonable cost. 

Council Care-Needs Assessments Help With Care Costs 

Help With Rent

Help With Disability Costs

Click here to download a leaflet describing Seckford Almshouse Charges and help with paying them.