Seckford Care celebrates ‘Founders Day’

Seckford Care celebrates ‘Founders Day’

The staff, residents and Governors came together on 24th May in the Seckford Chapel to celebrate ‘Founders Day’.

In 1587, Thomas Seckford founded seven almshouses here in Woodbridge, with an income of £112.66 per year from his property in Clerkenwell, Middlesex.

The almshouses consisted of six houses with attics over, which were to be occupied by two poor or infirm unmarried men or widowers. The seventh flat was for the Principal Almsman to occupy alone. So, there were 13 residents at that time.

Anyone found to have a wife would have been expelled.

Three poor widows lived in lodgings nearby, who received a pension and were on-hand to attend and care for any residents that became ill.

The men received a pension, which was paid quarterly, and a silver badge displaying the Seckford Arms, so they were identifiable as they went into town.

They were expected to attend the services in St Mary’s Church regularly, and were fined – or even expelled – if they did not attend regularly.

Playing cards or games was forbidden, as well as swearing or cursing at each other.

If it wasn’t for Thomas, we wouldn’t have Seckford Care today.

Everyone enjoyed the 1940s singing and dancing by Amy, from ‘Cats Pyjamas’, with a selection of nibbles and fizz. The Leadership Team also dressed up in Elizabethan-themed costumes. All had a thoroughly good time!