I have lived here for 7 years in total, my wife and I came here from Bawdsey, where we lived in a bungalow that I built myself. My wife was a nurse and we lived there over 20 years but she had Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s, so we moved here so she could be looked after, but she passed not long after. We had been married 63 years.

Circumstances and change made us come here, we looked at a number of places. And thought it super here, we both did!

It was such a shock to the system to cut down on possessions, but keeping some personal things here in our flat made it bearable. We started off in a double flat and now I am on my own, I have a single flat. We brought some of our furniture, photos and ornaments to make it like home.

I was never good at art but joined the Art Group here – it opened up a new world for me – I simply love painting now and I’m told I’m quite good! My flat is full of birds that I’ve painted…

“I value the care given to me by the staff, everyone here is very nice but this takes second place to their dedication, they are so good.”